The Best Cafes in Colombo, Sri Lanka for a Perfect Caffeine Fix!

Sri Lanka ETA

Sri Lanka is an amazing country. From natural landscapes in abundance to beautiful temples and restaurants, there is no dearth of amazing things in this small country and when it comes to Colombo the capital city of Sri Lanka leaves no stone unturned to give you a truly fantastic experience. For so many people Colombo […]

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Explore Sinharaja Forest Reserve in Sri Lanka with 5 Amazing Places

Online visa for Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, a country of colorful tradition, Infinite Ocean, stunning rainforests, gorgeous landscapes and ancient ruins was not on the tourism map few years back. But now the country is back in the game and with its unmatched beauty it has become the hottest destination of 2018. Sri Lanka has many forest reserves and national […]

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8 Buddhist Temples in Sri Lanka For Complete Tranquility

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Comprising a rich Buddhist culture, Sri Lanka has a large Buddhist population. There are so many great historical sites that trace back the Buddhist era. Sri Lanka is a country that is mostly popular for its beaches and national parks, but here is a treat for those who love to binge on cultural knowledge: DALADA […]

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5 Best Places To Visit Outside Colombo In Sri Lanka


The island of Sri Lanka has plethora of things to offer to a tourist. If you are travelling for the first to this amazing country, then you will find so many things that will leave you amazed. From gorgeous beaches, hills, tea plantations and well-preserved national parks and wildlife, the country also offers stunning temples […]

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Sri-Lankan Visa Requirements

From January, 2012, Sri Lanka has made it mandatory for everyone (except the Republics of Singapore, Maldives, and The Seychelles) who is entering their country to apply for ETA for a short visit to Sri Lanka. The main objective of ‘Sri Lanka Visa’ is to facilitate the legal entry and to regulate the stay period […]

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