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Sri Lanka`s Colombo: A Short Guide to the Coolest Neighborhoods

Colombo is a city which is rapidly growing. With tourism majorly contributing to the growing economy, the locals out there are making the most of the opportunities to start their own business.  From hip cafes to upmarket restaurants, clothing boutiques to antique shops, the commercialization of the city will offer you plenty of activities to do.

More often than not people who apply for Sri Lanka ETA visa do not include Colombo in their itinerary. But Colombo has a unique charm of its own and it`s neighborhoods are always bustling with tourists and shops showcasing their best products.

The different neighborhoods in Colombo have been given numbers from Colombo 1 to 15. Every single neighborhood has several hot spots inside them. If you have a day or two you must check out these local neighboring areas that are popping up with chic hang out places every now and then.

CINNAMON GARDENS– This all-time coolest neighborhood in Colombo is given number 7. Lots of authors have written about this place and its huge area once covered with cinnamon trees. Now the place is adorned with plenty of boutique hotels and cafes. You can also stay connected with entire world as there is a great connectivity with Wi-Fi.Online Sri Lanka Visa

PARK STREET & SLAVE ISLAND- One of Colombo`s upcoming neighborhoods, the Park Street and Slave Island is given number 2. The area is in close proximity of Gangaramaya Temple visited by every tourist. But the Park Street doesn’t have to do anything with the temples but upscale restaurants, nightclubs and cafes. A perfect fusion of pleasure, business and condos, it is only few blocks away from the Beira Lake.Online Sri Lanka ETA

Slave Island is a large area which is surrounded by Beira Lake and a great place to have long walks. Make sure that you apply for Sri Lanka ETA visa with enough time in your hands to re-apply for it, if in case the application gets rejected.

BAMBALAPITIYA- Known as Colombo 4, Bambalapitiya is an area that extent to Galle Road and to Marine Drive. The place is located in center and more often than not is busy. It has some famous restaurants and eating joints like Barefoot Garden Café and Banana Leaf Curry House. The place has its own charm with roads always busy with crowd, tuk-tuk and cars. Though it has less vegetation as compared to other places, it`s still as mesmerizing as it neighboring alleys.Online Sri Lanka Visa

THIMBIRIGASYAYA & HAVELOCK- Being number 5, the Colombo 5 is one of and largest neighborhoods in Colombo but the coolest area is around Thimbirigasyaya & Havelock. Few years back, the roads of Thimbirigasyaya was skinny but now it’s a bustling entrance to the city with condos, cafes and businesses perfectly aligned.  From fancy coffee shops to chic cafes, it’s a great place for expats to live in. Havelock road is the other large road that crosses paths with Thimbirigasyaya and has plenty of places as well.Online Srilanka ETA

Spend some time with the locals as Sri Lanka is famous for its friendly locals. What are you waiting for? Apply for your Sri Lanka ETA visa by visiting our website

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