Local Dishes In Sri Lanka

Savor These 4 Mouth-Watering Local Dishes In Sri Lanka

The teardrop of India or the Pearl of the ocean, Sri Lanka is known for its rich landscapes, pristine beaches, blue sky, tropical climate, national parks, stunning temples and exotic cuisines. The variety of food that you can find here is amazing and it wouldn’t be inappropriate if we call this gorgeous nation ‘an island of Rice and Curry’.

Loaded with fresh fruits, vegetables and abundance of seafood, the country delivers plethora of dishes packed with right flavors and spices. Here are some of the dishes which every traveler should once taste when in this islandic country:

  1. RICE & CURRY– The paramount dish of Sri Lanka is a nutritious plate of rice and curry. Curry is the staple food of this islandic country and can be found almost everywhere. From roadside cafes to hotel buffets and everywhere in between, you can get a chance to taste it almost anywhere. The specialty of curry cooked locally is the perfect blend of spices that goes into making a good curry. The most commonly used spices are cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, chilly, mustard seeds, coriander, cumin, peppercorn, saffron (to get the color) and curry leaves which are very good for lowering cholesterol.                            RICE & CURRY
  2. HOPPERS– No we aren`t talking about the grass hoppers but country`s own version of thin pancakes with crispy edges. They are made from fermented batter of rice flour, coconut water and coconut milk. The batter is then fried in a very small wok and swirled around to cover the sides of the pan to give it bowl-like shape. The dish has one more variation known as egg hoppers. The only difference between the two is that an egg is cracked into the middle as it is cooked. You can eat it with sambol, chili sauce or simply with salt & pepper.HOPPERS
  3. SARAVITA & COCONUTS- Coconut is the king in Colombo and from main course to dessert; they are included in almost every dish. Saravita is the ultimate delicacy, a sort of street dessert which is colorful and as vibrant as the country`s culture. Shredded coconut wrapped in a betel leaf appears to be like a child`s treat. You can find local hawkers selling these small delights across the streets.3.	SARAVITA & COCONUTS
  4. KOTTU- Bringing another traditional local cuisine that will make you drool is Kottu- a dish made of roti (flat bread), vegetable oil, egg/meat, cheese and of course spices. Flat bread is chopped finely with two blunt blades on a hot plate and the sound of chopping is audible from a mile away. The whiff of this mouth savoring will make you grab a plate of Kottu which is equivalent of a cheeseburger in America. Fast, greasy, tasty and cheap, it can satisfy your taste buds with their own flavor twist.KOTTU

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