How Indian Citizens Can Apply For Sri Lanka Visa

How Indian Citizens Can Apply For Sri Lanka Visa

Saint Augustine has quoted beautifully,” the world is a book, and those who do not travel reads only a page”. So those who travel gets an opportunity to marvel at God`s beautiful creation. But those who choose to stay in one place can`t expand the horizon of their perspective beyond their monotonous routine.

Locally or internationally, a luxury trip to Europe or a spiritual retreat to neighboring country like Sri Lanka, one should take out time to travel to faraway lands. If you are an Indian citizen and want to get your first stamp on your passport, you can plan a trip to Sri Lanka. Being a neighboring country to India, Sri Lanka is increasingly becoming one of the popular destinations among Indians.

First the Indian Rupee is stronger as compared to Sri Lankan Rupee and second due to friendly alliance Indians now have the privilege to travel there with ETA or visa on arrival. The visa procedure has become quite simpler and for those who are not aware about the changed policies and guidelines, here is a short bite of everything you must know:

There are two ways of getting a valid visa for the islandic country:

  1. ETA Visa to Sri Lanka- An ETA or (Electronic Travel Authorization) is a visa which is granted online through the web based visa system. It allows a foreign national to visit the country for a short visit within a specific period of time. Anyone who seeks to visit the country for tourism, business conferences and transit purpose can get it by completing an application form.


You can go to our website and fill Sri Lanka visa application form with your correct personal details and applicable visa fees. Once you hit the submit button, you will get your visa approved within 2-3 hours or about 24 hours in some cases.


Once you reach the designated airport, go to immigration counter with the following documents:


  • Printout of approved ETA
  • Valid Passport for a minimum period of six months
  • Return ticket within 30 days of your date of entry
  • First day accommodation address
  • 2 Passport size photographs
  • Adequate funds in bank or working credit cards

The immigration checks and visa stamping will be done in no time. The visa is valid generally for 30 days and allows double entry.


  1. Visa on Arrival-As the name suggests visa on arrival means you get an approved visa at the time you will land at the Colombo airport. You will need to carry all the above mentioned documents and go to Visa or arrival counter. After filling a form you will need to pay the visa fees which will take more time than ETA Visa.


We would recommend for ETA visa as visa on arrival may result in you deporting back to your home country in case of any missing document. Visit our website for any queries related to visa problems.

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