Interesting Facts About Sigiriya Sri Lanka

7 Interesting Facts About Sigiriya That Will Take You To Sri Lanka

One of the most visited places by the tourists; Sigiriya is a site where a massive column of rock juts out from the green tropical forest. A 660ft tall, it is also known as ‘Lion Rock’ with a lion carved out as a large façade and an ancient kingdom on top.

The site holds the top position on the list of most visited places due to the history and few dark facts, which are associated with the place itself. You can visit this place easily from Kandy. Make sure you book your tickets in advance and attain your ETA Visa to Sri Lanka if you are looking out for a family vacation in Sri Lanka. This place will amaze you with its unbeatable frescos, construction and of course the ultimate facts which are mentioned below:

  1. The King Kasyapa who ruled from 477 to 495 CE, built the citadel that sits on the top of Sigiriya. Worried about the potential attacks from his brother Moggallana who was the rightful heir of the throne, Kasyapa chose this as his royal residence.
  2. The rock is 200 meters high and encompasses 1200 steps, divided amongst a number of staircases till the top.
  3. Born to a non-royal concubine, king Kasyapa`s life was full of controversy. Despite having no right to the throne, he carried a revolt against his father Dhatusena, imprisoning him and eventually killing him. After killing he got his father entombed in a wall.
  4. The rock was earlier used as a Buddhist Monastery, prior to Kasyapa`s using it as his residence. After his reign, it was once again used as a monastery till it was abandoned in the 14th
  5. King Kasyapa created a ‘mirror wall’ so finely polished that it would reflect his own reflection as he walked by. 140 meters long and 40 meters high, was once covered with the paintings of women. There are few instances left as well and can be seen today. The graffiti is of great significance for the historians, as it represents the development of Sinhala language and script.
  6. The smart, advanced and impressive hydraulic system consists of lakes, canals, bridges, fountains, dams and underground water pumps still provide water to the site`s manicured gardens till today.
  7. Kasyapa built a façade on the plateau halfway up in the form of a huge lion with a staircase emerging out of its mouth. This is why the place is also called ‘Lion Rock’.

When you decided to visit the country, do not forget to witness this great piece of marvel which has so many interesting facts about it. You can get your ETA Visa to Sri Lanka easily, online from .

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