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6 Best Opportunities To Start A Business In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka might look like a tear drop island in the map, but it has reserved thousands of opportunities under its sleeves. With education level much higher than the other countries, it has become an attractive place for the investors and businessmen. Its economy is worth $64 billion and the country`s per capital GDP is about $7900 which is ahead of many other countries in South East Asia.

Although this country ranks 81st on the ease of doing business index, this doesn’t rule out the business opportunities to make money in this country. You must need Business Visa to Sri Lanka if you are planning to visit the country due to business prospect. We have come up with the most sought after areas; you can explore to expand your business:

1. Information Technology– As the technology is getting more and more advanced; there is an ever increasing demand for professionals that IT related services, database management, and information security and so on. So if you have related experience or have a settled business in other country, you can thing about discovering new business options here as well.

2. Tourism– It is one of the main industries in this country and millions of tourists travel to this country from overseas. With its sprawling beaches, coastal lines, amazing cafĂ© and roof top open air bars you make lot of profits from any business which is related to hospitality.

3. Food- There is no one person on earth who doesn’t like food. A paradise for seafood lovers, foodstuff is one of the major imported entity in this country. It’s a golden opportunity for the investors who import food from the neighboring countries and sell them locally here. Easy to start, this business requires little capital.

4. Pharmaceuticals- With increasing awareness about health among the citizens, the pharmaceutical industry in this country is growing tremendously. One can make lot of profit if you have enough funds to set up a pharmaceutical company. But if you are running low, you can always begin as a retailer or a wholesaler. But for any business purpose you need to visit once to explore the market and economy. So apply for your Business Visa to Sri Lanka now!

5. Textiles and Fabrics- Textiles and fabrics remain in great demand through the year and therefore they are often imported from countries like turkey and India. If you want to enter into textiles, you too can start a business by importing fabrics from other countries and selling them in the local market.

6. Real Estate- This business sector is one of the most selling sectors in any place of the world. Here, you can start a real estate business that offers land, rents a space or housing property to individuals and businesses, both.

Come and explore the vast business opportunities in various sectors and industries in Sri Lanka. You can apply for your Business Visa to Sri Lanka right here at

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