Visa Friendly Countries for Indian Travelers

4 Visa Friendly Countries for Indian Travelers

A serene beach with crystal clean water, lined with mangrove trees facing the clear blue sky is what we all experience when we think about going on a vacation. But what we often forget is the dreadful visa proceedings and filling of several papers in a visa office.  Standing in long queues can be a harrowing experience for some of us, who mostly are working in private sector. You can get an ETA through Sri Lanka online visa application, but now it is not the only place, there are other countries as well!

But now thanks to new government policies and our friendly alliance with many countries, Indians are allowed to travel there with a no visa or visa-on-arrival facility. So here is a comprehensive list of the countries for the backpackers to hop on the next flight:

  1. SEYCHELLES– If a sandy beach and blue waters is what makes your heart skip a beat then beautiful Seychelles is the destination you should start from. You can go to Seychelles without having to stand in, lining up at a visa office. Visa-on-arrival for Indian citizens is free of charge. So get on the cheapest flight to save some money and explore the peaceful beaches.
  2. SRI LANKA– One of our nearest neighboring country, Sri Lanka is a tear drop shaped island in the Indian Ocean. With its vast diverse culture and panoramic scenery, this country has a wide coastline stretched across miles. Apart from the beaches, you can also visit National Parks for amazing wildlife and lush tea plantation. All you need is to apply for Sri Lanka online visa application through ETA (Electronic travel authorization) to reach there. You can also visit our website for detailed information.
  3. JORDAN- If you love experiencing different cultures you can get an insight into Middle Eastern culture by visiting Jordan. From hot springs to an unforgettable experience of floating in the Dead Sea, adventure and hiking in Patra , landscape gazing in Wadi Rum, history at Jerash and hip shisha cafes in Amman- Jordan has plenty to offer. Indian passport holders can get visa-on-arrival.
  4. KENYA- Kenya`s Masai Mara is a home to the most beautiful safaris. Book your flight and plan for a family vacation to witness the most famous wildlife reserve in the world. You can have the best time of your life with ‘adrenaline rush’ pumping through you veins on seeing a pride of lions. Visa on arrival is available for Indians!

Visa on arrival are subject to change, thus it is recommended to check the changing policies before departure. You can check all the related information regarding the Sri Lanka online visa application here at and for other countries; you can visit their respective websites.

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