3 Ultimate Destinations To Visit In Spring

As the spring has finally arrived, people have finally begun planning for the holidays. With climate turning pleasant, there are so many destinations that beg people to visit them. So why not use this time to take a much needed break with family or friends.

We have come up with the most popular destinations that people will travel to in 2018. These places have cool shacks, pristine beaches, spectacular hills and offer panoramic views. These places have easy visa policies and you can simply apply for online ETA Visa without frequenting embassies and consulates. Check out our list of exclusive destinations that can spice things up to your holidays:

  1. BALI- A very popular island in Indonesia, Bali is also known as the fames islands of the Gods. Bali is one of the 33 provinces of the Republic of Indonesia and located in the south of the Indonesia archipelago. Enviably beautiful, Bali has scenic coastlines, gorgeous beaches, hills and mountains and vast rice terraces that add to the spiritual culture of this place. Various sports activities that includes diving, snorkeling and surfing are also available along with many historical, cultural and archaeological attractions which makes Bali a must-visit destination. Visa-on-arrival is available for various countries.


    Islands of the Gods

  2. SRI LANKA– Described by the National Survey of UK, Sri Lanka will be the hottest vacation destination in 2018. The pearl of the island is a historical land with number of beaches to explore temples to visit and hills to go on trekking. The country has a rich food culture and has 8 UNESCO World Heritage sites. You can apply for online Sri Lanka visa that involves a complete hassle free process. Log on to Sri Lankan government website or you can log on to our website sri-lankaeta.com to book visa.

    online sri lanka visa

    Pearl of the island

  3. PHUKET- If you want to spend your days by looking at the ocean and nights by lying on the beach under the stars, Phuket is the place to be. Once famous for mining and maritime trade, the island is a prime tourist destination. With a diverse culture and ethnicity, the Sino-Portuguese architecture adds up to the beauty of Phuket. Located in the south of Bangkok, Phuket is located at 862kms distance.

    Srilanka - online visa

    Beach under the stars

So without giving it a much thought, select your favorite destination and start packing your bags. For Phuket and Bali, you can refer to their government website for visa requirements, while for Sri Lanka, log on to our website to apply for online Sri Lanka visa.


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