Do You Need A Visa To Travel To Sri Lanka?

Visa To Travel To Sri Lanka

Almost every country in the world is required to get a visa in order to enter Sri Lanka. The only three countries that are exempted from a visa to Sri Lanka are Seychelles, Maldives and Singapore. By adhering to developing technology, the government of Sri Lanka has simplified the visa application process by introducing the […]

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The 4 Famous Ancient Cities Of Sri Lanka That Are Worth Visiting!

Famous Ancient Cities Of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a cultural heartland of the Asia. The sacred Buddhist sites, crumbling temples and lost cities are the reason why people from all across the world head up to this country. The ancient Sinhalese dynasties set up their first foot on the central plains and supported gigantic artistic and architectural wonders. Eventually all […]

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Top 5 Museums Of Sri Lanka That Will Transport You Back In History

Museums Of Sri Lanka That Will Transport

Sri Lanka is famous for lot of things. From beaches, sports activities, landscapes, national parks, tea plantations and stunning architectures that never seize to amaze you. But the country has one more thing which showcases its cultural history- museums. With artefacts belonging to ancient eras that moulded and defined the country, Sri Lanka has plenty […]

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Savor These 4 Mouth-Watering Local Dishes In Sri Lanka

Local Dishes In Sri Lanka

The teardrop of India or the Pearl of the ocean, Sri Lanka is known for its rich landscapes, pristine beaches, blue sky, tropical climate, national parks, stunning temples and exotic cuisines. The variety of food that you can find here is amazing and it wouldn’t be inappropriate if we call this gorgeous nation ‘an island […]

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