Start your business in Sri-Lanka by initiating your trade through Sri-Lankan online business visa

Business Visa Application Form

Any person living in India who wishes to transit his business through neighbouring costal country called as Sri-Lanka does need to obtain an online Sri-Lankan Business Visa by filling an online business visa application for Sri-Lanka. During the span of ten years, many trades have arisen through partnership of companies existing in Sri-Lanka and India. […]

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Visit the coastal country Sri-Lanka, by getting online access to Sri-Lankan Tourist Visa

online tourist visa application for Sri-Lanka

People who wish to enter the coastal land called as Sri-Lanka, now have to apply for an ETA which will guarantee their valid stay in this island. For availing Sri-Lankan ETA, the Sri-Lankan going candidate needs to fill an online tourist visa application for Sri-Lanka. Sri-Lanka is also the country known for its exquisite sites […]

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Read few rules before filling an online Transit Visa Application for Sri-Lanka

Online Transit Visa Application for Sri-Lanka

It is a type of travel document which is applicable when the passenger needs to stay stopover at airport for a chosen time period and that is for minimum 6 hours or more. It has become an essential requirement for any traveller who wish to transit beyond the territories of Sri-Lanka. The persons who would […]

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Points to read before you apply for an online Sri Lankan Tourist Visa

online Sri Lankan Tourist Visa

People from Indian origin could carry an Indian passport to enter Sri Lanka for 30 days. Their visit do not include any engagement to job or employment in any of the sector. With the help of Department of Immigration and Emigration, Colombo, their visit to this country can increase up to six months. The validity […]

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