3 Super Romantic Resorts in Sri Lanka Ideal For Honeymooners

Summary- The beautiful beaches, serene landscapes and heavenly clad-mountains with star-lit skies are not the only reasons that make Sri Lanka an ideal place for honeymooners. The country has some of the best in class resorts as well. Find out more. Sri Lanka is a lovely islandic country with tropical climate and pleasant weather round […]

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Colombo: 4 Places to Explore In Sri Lanka`s Capital in Just 24 Hours!

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  Summary– Are you planning for a vacation in Sri Lanka? Then do not miss out on Colombo! Why? Discover the amazing things that the capital city has to offer. Sri Lanka is much more than its beaches and turquoise waters and likewise its capital city Colombo is much more than just a mere entry […]

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4 Traditional Souvenirs to Buy In Sri Lanka

Souvenirs are the best way to keep memories of visiting a wonderful place alive and when it is Sri Lanka, it becomes mandatory. No trip to Sri Lanka is considered complete without bringing a tradition souvenir from the country. The local artisans of the country are well-known for their brilliant craftsmanship and high-quality production. So […]

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The Best Cafes in Colombo, Sri Lanka for a Perfect Caffeine Fix!

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Sri Lanka is an amazing country. From natural landscapes in abundance to beautiful temples and restaurants, there is no dearth of amazing things in this small country and when it comes to Colombo the capital city of Sri Lanka leaves no stone unturned to give you a truly fantastic experience. For so many people Colombo […]

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Sri Lanka`s Colombo: A Short Guide to the Coolest Neighborhoods

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Colombo is a city which is rapidly growing. With tourism majorly contributing to the growing economy, the locals out there are making the most of the opportunities to start their own business.  From hip cafes to upmarket restaurants, clothing boutiques to antique shops, the commercialization of the city will offer you plenty of activities to […]

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Colombo: The City That Is More than Just the Capital of Sri Lanka

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From just a gateway to Sri Lanka`s stunning landscapes to a must-see stop in the country, Colombo, the capital city of the islandic country has come a long way. Although the city that has developed a lot in the recent years, can`t reclaim its 19th-century moniker ‘the garden city of the East’, it is nevertheless […]

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Explore Sinharaja Forest Reserve in Sri Lanka with 5 Amazing Places

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Sri Lanka, a country of colorful tradition, Infinite Ocean, stunning rainforests, gorgeous landscapes and ancient ruins was not on the tourism map few years back. But now the country is back in the game and with its unmatched beauty it has become the hottest destination of 2018. Sri Lanka has many forest reserves and national […]

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Visit Beruwala for Leisure Vacations In Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is a tear shaped island which is a home to many pristine beaches, spiritual temples, largest national parks, wildlife reserves and of course many world heritage sites. It has amazing cities that is filled with splendor and many historical sites. Travelling to Sri Lanka is now become easier. One can easily get an […]

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